Pet Boarding – Build Your Pet Business Online

Every time a pet owner travels they’re faced with the dilemma of how to care for their loved ones when they’re away. While some pet owners opt to bring their pets with them, others look to inexperienced friends or neighbors to care for their animals while they’re away.

What most pet owners need is a professional pet boarding service – a safe, secure and entertaining environment where they can leave their pets. Pet boarding gives pet owners peace of mind that their pets are in good hands, being fed and lovingly cared for. Statistics show that more than 30,000,000 pet owners every year make use of full-time, experienced boarding kennel operators or pet boarding service providers, a figure big enough to convince you that pet boarding is a booming business.

If you’re offering pet boarding services in your area, or are planning to do so in the future, the best way to lure in customers and build a regular clientele is by advertising your services through the internet. Online resources can help you get in contact with many potential customers with just one posting, but how do you do that?

Keep reading to learn how you can use the power of the web to grow your pet boarding business.

Online Forums:

Joining online discussion and forums is a great way to interact directly with pet-owners and people who share your passion for animals. You can exchange information, advertise your business and address questions from other users. Remember, some of the users joining these forums could be potential customers who will surely find your pet boarding services useful.

Social Networking Sites:

With the power of networking sites like MySpace, Multiply, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, you can get a free web space where you can upload pictures and information about your pet boarding services and connect directly with potential customers. The extensive networks on these sites provide you with maximum access to potential customers not only in your locality, but all over the world.

Web Communities:

Posting your profile in pet-related websites and online communities is another method to attract potential clients. Usually, these websites offer simple profile forms which can then be accessed by potential customers looking for your business.

Online Classifieds:

Online classifieds are a simple way to advertise your pet boarding services. Having your ad listed in the right place would point potential customers directly to you. A direct method is to advertise your business using an online pet services classifieds website. Utilize websites such which target pet lovers all throughout North America. Classified ads will help you interact with the customers you want for your niche market.

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Promote Online Business – Online Forums 101

Years ago, joining in online forums is only meant to interact with people having the same interests – asking questions, getting answered and all that stuff. But who knew that even online forums bring money to one’s online business?

Why Go For Online Forums?

In the recent times, online forums have been growing in number. If this medium is used properly, it could be another way to promote anything – including products and services without rendering too much cost on the part of the individual running a business. But how could one use it for such purposes without sounding too direct?

How To Make Use Of Online Forums:

1) Look for an online forum that caters topics about your business, field of expertise, or perhaps field of interest. Look for them on the search engine. For instance, you want to be involved in a forum about hair care. Type “hair care forums”, “forums about hair care”, and any other keywords until you find what you are looking for. Register for free, and start interacting!

2) Post a topic. In most online forums, the most activities are going on in the “Main Discussion”. It would be best to visit this portion first before anything else. Ask questions, ask for their opinions about your articles, blogs and etc. This will not only expose your business discreetly, but will also help you form relationships among other users in the forums. Make them your friends, advisers and even critiques. You’ll never know – one of these users might be your client soon!

3) Answer questions from other posts. Don’t just ask, but also share what you have. If there are any questions related to your field of expertise, go and share your piece of mind. Likewise, be someone’s friend, adviser and critique. Most common scenario would be, a huge percent of online forum users are like you – an online entrepreneur. Who knows you might be finding something you thought you would not need for the business?

4) Post anything that would give information about you. If there are videos, blogs or articles that tell about you and the services you offer, post a topic about it so that users could see and know more about you.

5) Once in the forum, make sure to have a link of your site as your signature. It would be helpful to add hints that will lead them to visit your website (e.g. visit this site if you want to know more about what I am talking about, etc.). Never ever forget about this because this would serve as your main advertising tool.

Additional Points To Remember

Never, ever promote your products or services directly. This will lead to other users to think that you might just be probably after advertising, not building an interaction with them. Well, anyhow, there would still be interaction, but not as lively as one could get if they are only talking like peers inside the forum. Just make your signature (with the link on it) is large enough to be seen and attractive enough to be clicked. Remember, most of them might have joined not only for marketing purposes, but also for learning some online business strategies

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